2012 Circadian Print Series

The concept of Circadian Print originated in my interest in various “365” projects, where some aspect of life is documented (in various forms) on a daily basis, with the goal of creating a whole from the sum of its parts. I kept a diary over the summer of 2012, and then used those events and emotions to form tangible creations, part chronological science experiment, part self-portrait series.

The output from the daily record is transformed into the imagery and color palettes used in each print. Each is influenced in some respects by the season and date, but is also highly dependent upon the emotional viewpoint at the moment the record itself was created, be it romanticized, idealized, naturalistic or some other form of abstraction.

The series is created via process-oriented and traditional methods of printmaking intaglio and collagraph. The technique, process and treatment of each piece is easily associated with my personal methodology of repetition of lists, grid forms, procedures, and guidelines. All prints are created by texture and mark, which is repeated, exchanged, modified and layered. However, the series is unusual in its production, in that, unlike traditional printmaking, each creation is printed only once, rather than in editions. The pieces must be singular in view of the fact that the inspiration and resource for each print records the ephemeral passage of time, which by its nature cannot be repeated; therefore any edition of one of these records would be feigned.