Great Places Series - Yankton’s State Recreation Areas - Pierson Ranch, Lewis and Clark and Chief White Crane

What a great group of parks and trails. I took both of my dogs with me to explore these parks on an early November day and successfully wore them both out on the extensive trail system.


While walking the trails connecting Pierson Ranch and Lewis and Clark Recreation areas I imagined how busy this place would be with its lovely picnic and campgrounds during the summer months. I also truly enjoyed the smell of crisp fall air and a bonfire that one of the late season campers had going that afternoon.

Last stop of the day was Chief White Crane Recreation Area. Before visiting I had read that it is known to be a wintering spot for Bald Eagles, so I was on the lookout in the tall bare Cottonwoods near the water. While I didn't see any eagles the sky was practically glittering with late afternoon sunlight through the clouds.

If you are interested in seeing the paintings from Pierson Ranch, Lewis and Clark or Chief White Crane Recreation Areas or any of the other Parks and Recreation Areas before they are released to the public please reach out to me via the contact page!