Great Places Series - Pelican Lake State Park

I loved the trail system at Pelican Lake and enjoyed my morning visit in mid November. I found the path snowed over on the way to a look out of the lake and I had fun trecking over the drifts to get to the overlook. A few birds and the sounds of my footsteps in the snow were the only things to interrupt the silent solitude of this hike.  

If you are interested in seeing the painting from Pelican Lake State Park or any of the other Parks and Recreation Areas before they are released to the public please reach out to me via the contact page!


Northern State University Solo Exhibition

Northern State University          

Northern State University          

Last year I was invited by Northern State University's Gallery Director and Professor Greg Blair to have an exhibition in one of their galleries. The date is coming up fast and I am excited to travel up to Aberdeen, SD to display some brand new pieces for the very first time. A reception along with a short artist talk will happen November 6th from 4pm to 6pm. The show will be up from September 7th to November 6th. If you are from around that area I would love to see you at the reception.