Great Places Series - Spirit Mound

I consider it a treat to wake up early with the goal of getting to a park or nature area to hike by myself at sunrise, so the morning I spent at Spirit Mound was perfect. It wasn’t terribly cold for a January morning and being a Sunday at dawn the landscape all around us was pretty still so the soft sunrise and quiet prairie were all mine (my dog was there too I guess but he was quiet as well). The entire time there I thought about the stories of the place that had been told to the Lewis and Clark expedition about the little people that lived there and the fact that this is a location where you can stand in the same place that the expedition would have been. Sense a lot of their camps were on the river and that has changed so over the years due to damming.

If you are interested in seeing the painting from Spirit Mound Historic Prairie or any of the other Parks and Recreation Areas before they are released to the public please reach out to me via the contact page!

Sunrise at Spirit Mound. 

Sunrise at Spirit Mound. 

Summer 2016

My first art fairs of 2016 are just around the corner! I am excited to be headed to some of the nation's top art festivals. The first three shows will take me to Oklahoma City, OK, Edina, MN and Columbus, OH. Each of the festivals I will be at expects seeing crowds of 200,000 and up over the course of three days! I really have a blast at art festivals; even if the hours get long, the day goes amazingly fast with so many people to meet and talk to.

So far I have the dates listed in the Upcoming Events section of the website. I am still waiting to hear from jury results for shows that fall later in the summer and will update the schedule as I find out each new show. Thanks for taking the time to check in on me! Hope to see you out there this summer!