Great Places Series at Lake Alvin

On August 23rd I visited Lake Alvin. Kicking off the series of paintings that will be inspired by all of the State Parks in South Dakota. Learn more about my visit and see a bit of my process for this series.

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Packing for Ann Arbor

Getting set for my trip to Ann Arbor! I will have mostly early morning hours before the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair gets started each day and I hope to hit some of the nature areas to hike and also walk around the University of Michigan campus. If you have any other suggestions of must-see places in Ann Arbor please let me know!

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New Series of Small Works

December2016 Sketchbook

I recently had the inspiration/felt the need to paint a sort of aerial view series of landscapes. I chose to work small this time around and the panels that I am painting on range in size from 5"x5" to 10"x20". Currently I have two finished and the rest in varying stages of completion. The photo to the left is a page out of my sketch book. I don't always share my sketchbook pages because often pieces change for me once the paint touches the panel but it is always interesting to see changes take place and I decided to let you all in on the process this time.

Summer 2016

My first art fairs of 2016 are just around the corner! I am excited to be headed to some of the nation's top art festivals. The first three shows will take me to Oklahoma City, OK, Edina, MN and Columbus, OH. Each of the festivals I will be at expects seeing crowds of 200,000 and up over the course of three days! I really have a blast at art festivals; even if the hours get long, the day goes amazingly fast with so many people to meet and talk to.

So far I have the dates listed in the Upcoming Events section of the website. I am still waiting to hear from jury results for shows that fall later in the summer and will update the schedule as I find out each new show. Thanks for taking the time to check in on me! Hope to see you out there this summer!


Summer in Colorado

The plans for my trip to Colorado are coming together! I am truly looking forward to spending just shy of two weeks split between Denver, Loveland and Edwards. In the meantime, I am keeping busy painting and preparing supplies for the Cherry Creek Arts Festival and Art on the Rockies. Because of the frenzy, not all of my work has been making it onto the website. I have been trying to document pieces as I finish them though and occasionally I even remember to post them to facebook or instagram!

JAM Art & Supplies Interview

Recently the team over at JAM Art & Supplies did an interview with me. They were great interviewers and I am thankful for them doing these "Inspired Interviews" with our local artists. There are a lot of great interviews and other blog entries on their website too. Please when you have time take a moment to check out all the great stuff they are up to. Also, here is the link to my interview Laura Jewell and Inspired Interview.

Studio 301

I was accepted into the very unique "Studio 301" exhibition at the Washington Pavilion this year. "Studio 301" invites 35 artists to set up temporary studios in the Visual Arts Center Everist Gallery and create a piece of artwork during an entire day. The event takes place on October 25th and the community is welcome to observe, communicate with the artists and enjoy the creative process unfolding. The event also includes a reception that is also open to the public from 6 p.m. - 9 p.m.